What's going on with the shift and global change

These are exponential times. We are changing the shape of our future. We are moving towards an essential being, by moving from ego into essence. This is the most important time in the history of the earth to be here right now. We are all here to witness and be a part of an amazing shift as we evolve into the next phase of being, emergence of a universal humanity.

these changes can bring release to the forefront of our being.  I am here to assist raising vibrational frequencies to a level of love and joy where health and abundance abide. 

carol wimberly


peace & serenity


Relax, Refresh, Renew

         Health and Wellness                     joy and happiness

            find a new Experience at serenity

Experience is everything, and here at Serenity, your experience is unique to fit your needs. Our philosophy is to give you a specialized program specifically designed just for you to enhance your body, mind and spirit connection for total health.

I create spas for the soul, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and renewed. 

You will have a feeling of peace and serenity yet feeling energized, perfectly balanced after a healing session.  You will feel like you are floating on a cloud.